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Core Twelve re-designed and developed a new website for HEARN in order to showcase their properties, team and accomplishments. 

Core Twelve redesigned and developed the new website for the U.S. AMG Driving Academy by re-working how their loyal performance automotive community experienced the digital realm of the Academy.

Redesigned, Re-engineered and Ready to Roll: The new by Core Twelve. 

Core Twelve re-established the iconic building’s place in Chicago with a new marketing campaign staking it’s claim as Chicago’s Building.

Core Twelve took smart’s idea of a 1980’s theme for the 2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest and ran with it.

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June 23, 2011  / 


FRET12 offered fans a chance to win a Tremonti PRS Guitar, T-shirt, DVD and Autograph! To enter the contest, participants visited the “Tremonti-Pack Giveaway” tab on the FRET12 Facebook page.  Registration included "liking" the page and entering contact information.  Fans could also opt-in to receive exclusive information about the upcoming Mark Tremonti solo project.

CORE TWELVE developed FRET12 from the ground-up. Utilizing social media, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our community of guitar enthusiasts. Original content, products and promotions are released regularly to keep the user experience fresh and engaging.

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