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Core Twelve re-designed and developed a new website for HEARN in order to showcase their properties, team and accomplishments. 

Core Twelve redesigned and developed the new website for the U.S. AMG Driving Academy by re-working how their loyal performance automotive community experienced the digital realm of the Academy.

Redesigned, Re-engineered and Ready to Roll: The new by Core Twelve. 

Core Twelve re-established the iconic building’s place in Chicago with a new marketing campaign staking it’s claim as Chicago’s Building.

Core Twelve took smart’s idea of a 1980’s theme for the 2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest and ran with it.

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125 Years of Innovation
December 7, 2011  / 

125 Years of Innovation

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of Karl Benz’s invention of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz gave away a two-year lease of a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sedan to a current owner or lessee. The winner will also receive a trip to Germany, birthplace of the automobile in 1886 to fully experience the rich history and continued innovation of Mercedes-Benz. 

Core Twelve worked with the Mercedes-Benz After-Sales team to develop and execute this promotion as a way to thank all of the loyal Mercedes-Benz customers and further engage with them as part of the After-Sales experience. The project included promotional branding, website and sweepstakes development, Facebook integration, Outreach and Data Management. In addition to the sweepstakes component an interactive timeline and rich image gallery were developed to demonstrate the growth and innovation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles over the years.

MB 125

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